About Us

Riverside Schools opened its doors in 2009 with six pupils in the Preschool, Nursery and Primary sections of the Elementary School.

Riverside College also commenced with six students in the Junior School in 2017.

Today, the schools have grown to become household names and the first port of call for discerning parents in search of a rich academic experience for their children. The elementary school enrolls children aged 3 months to 11 years (Crèche through Grade 6).  Whilst the entry age for the college is 10 years. Both schools currently have a population of over two hundred pupils and students.

The Schools are accredited by the Association of Private Educators in Nigeria (APEN) and the Ogun State Ministry of Education. We have also initiated the processes of accreditation by Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) and Council of British International Schools (COBIS).

Every parent wants the best for his/her child. The school years are important for every child and at Riverside, we assist each child's emotional, physical, social and intellectual development by stimulating the child's natural thirst for knowledge and the desire to explore his or her natural environment. Our overall aim is to provide your child with the "right" conditions to encourage their individual talents to blossom to the full. Our belief is that the experiences gained in the colourful, stimulating and culturally-diverse environment of Riverside Schools give a firm foundation for further education and for life.

Our robust curriculum (Nigeria/British) gives our pupils and students an edge over their peers as they are better informed and aware of happenings around them. Our use of exceptional teaching aids and methods enhance the children’s potential and ensures no child is left behind.

Overtime our classrooms have gone digital with interactive boards and projectors to enhance teaching and learning and develop pupils’ and students’ understanding and application of skills. The introduction of an international dimension in the teaching and learning process has also been a major focus for us at Riverside Schools. Our pupils and students are trained to have a global perspective of all issues and materials taught. We achieve these through Skype sessions with our international partner schools and also through Mystery Skype.

Emphasis is placed on acquisition of core skills (digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking, leadership collaboration, creativity and imagination) which are lifelong learning skills that motivate and enable all pupils and students to make positive contributions to society. Learning is designed to develop understanding and to challenge our pupils and students to push the boundaries of their thinking. They are encouraged to be creative, critical and caring thinkers. Our environment all encourages them to be self-disciplined, to learn from their mistakes, to be willing to take risks and to value their own and others’ thinking.

  • Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future
    Maria Montessori

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity is an essential component of a quality education that encourages compassion for and empowerment of the individual. Riverside Schools respect diversity as this enriches our world. The Schools honour their commitment to this inclusion through admission policies, hiring practices, professional development, curriculum and programmes.

Specialist teaching and a broad, innovative range of subjects ensure that each child’s individual strengths are fostered. Our teachers work together to provide a holistic, integrated approach to pupil and student development focusing on key competencies for learning and life.

We expect high standards of conduct, appearance and achievement. Our pupils and students enjoy their schooling and the wide curriculum helps motivate them to remain engaged for their years in school. Riverside pupils and students leave school as confident, well-rounded, independent children who can follow their aspirations and make the most of their opportunities in life.

We invite you to visit Riverside and become part of our community.

To be a great place to learn, work and grow, and a leader of technological impact in education.

  • Raising collaborative, innovative, and competent global citizens
  • Providing a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Providing a rich academic experience for pupils and students of diverse backgrounds and potential


No child is hopeless. Every child has God-given potentials waiting to be unlocked using the right approach and educational pedagogy. At Riverside, we encourage every child to discover their strengths, academic, sporting, musical or creative. Our children are challenged to enquire, analyse and ponder, forming their own opinions, yet upholding respect for self and others.

We also believe that

  • Honesty, integrity and respect are essential for building trusting relationships.
  • All people are responsible for their actions.
  • Open-mindedness, empathy and compassion are essential for living in a diverse community.
  • Developing head, heart and hand is necessary to realize one’s potential.
  • Expectations that are challenging lead to high level of performance and improve results.
  • Commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance lead to success.
  • Education is a shared responsibility of pupils, students, family and school.
  • Celebrating positively to society and the environment is our shared responsibility.
  • Our lives and life of the community are enriched by diversity.

Core Values

  • Personal Leadership
  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Care & Compassion
  • Critical thinking
  • Candour

Roles and Responsibilities

Each member of our community has a role to play in creating a safe, orderly environment that is conducive to learning.

Principal/Head Teacher

They serve as the instructional leaders and work with the teaching staff toward creating effective educational outcomes.

Classroom & Subject Teachers

Teachers continuously create conducive learning environments that align with school expectations. The Four Bees are applied school wide in the management of every classroom. Pupils and students are taught how to behave responsibly during classroom activities and these lessons are reinforced throughout the year. The Four Bees are:

  • Be Diligent
  • Be Careful
  • Be Courteous
  • Be Intentional

Teachers will work to foster meaningful relationships with pupils and students and specifically them for meeting expectations.


The school counsellors support the children emotionally and socially in all aspects of their schooling. They are also available to discuss issues of concern with parents on a private and individual basis. The counsellors invite parents periodically during the year to discuss relevant social/emotional and parenting topics.

Support Staff

These include: teaching assistants, library clerk, computer lab assistant, nannies, environmental staff, admin, nurse and bursar.

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